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So today I went for my third and final clinical session. Apparently not filling out all of your journals after you’ve gotten completely frustrated with the system gets you kicked out of the clinical trial. It’s too bad, really, since I would have started the medication today. Also, I’ve done further research and it looks like Xyrem is probably the best (most effective) of the trial medications currently being tested for fibromyalgia in Phoenix. I found two others though, and I’m going to try and give them a shot. One is on Thomas Rd…hopefully it’s closer to me than the Arizona Research Center. I won’t miss fighting rush hour traffic to get all the way to Greenway and I-17…I might as well have been going to Camp Verde! Jeez. 

I have mixed feelings at the moment. I’m sad that I possibly missed out on an opportunity to get good sleep. However, I’m ridiculously happy to be free of that beeping nuisance. Everytime it went off, I wanted to reach over and smash it to smithereens. They need to replace the annoying “beeep beeeep beeep” with something more soothing, like “Hey sexy, come take a look at this” in Christian Slater’s voice. Haha, how did that old fetish get brought up again? 

And I was kind of nervous about having to wake up every night a second time to take the second dose of medication. And then possibly not being able to function right away the next morning…may have messed with my mojo. Wait, NEVER getting refreshed sleep has already messed with my mojo! No worries there!

Well, all was not lost. I got paid $75 for my time ($25 a session). Just about pays for all that gas :P

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