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Biker Chick

Thursday was my first day of actually biking to school. I finally got my bike *almost* commuter-friendly. I have a portable pump with a gauge to let me know when I’ve reached 120psi, a couple spare tubes, a tire changing doo-hickey, and a blinking Cat-Eye taillight coming in the mail. So I’m plenty prepared for a flat tire and I’m almost ready for night riding. I just need a headlight now, and those are pretty pricey, especially the kind I want. I’m looking for an HID handlebar light. These are definitely more expensive than a halogen light, but the bulbs last quite a bit longer, and they’re about 3 times brighter than a halogen bulb of the same wattage. Right now I am looking at the NiteRider blowtorch 2.0. With a light as “bright and white as the sun,” it boasts an output equivalent to a 40 watt halogen bulb and has a burn time of 4 hours. I figure you can never be too cautious while biking at night. Especially when your life is at stake. I still remember one of the mottos from band camp: Cars are bigger than you, they WILL knock you down.

The only other thing I need is a bike rack and panniers. I tried biking with a backpack on, and that will definitely not work. It put way too much stress on my back (especially in the road bike-riding position), and my shoulders are still tender and sore. I need a way of transporting my mammoth laptop that the center has given me. It’s an old IBM A-something model that weighs like 10 pounds. There’s no way I could carry that on my back.

As for the ride itself, it went okay. About 40 minutes there, an hour on the way back. The ride back is during rush hour, so I consume who knows how many toxic fumes. But it gives me great pleasure to cruise on by all those cars inching their way along :) And the ride back also has a very unpleasant uphill stretch on Guadalupe Rd. My current path is north on 48th St, east on Guadalupe, and then north on Hardy all the way to University. This comes to around 15 miles each way. I really like the freedom of being on a bike. And saving all that $$$ on gas and parking is a very motivating factor. Plus I will be one fit chick if I do this everyday. I was a bit sore, and we all know how long it takes my body to recuperate, so hopefully it adjusts within the next week or so.

10 Responses to “Biker Chick”

  1. Anonymous says:

    My baby girl the “biker chick”

    Go Heather! DO be careful, please!We love ya & you are pretty precious cargo!Mom & John

  2. kledus says:

    jeah for biking. when I come to AZ we’ll have to go for a ride. assuming I can borrow a bike from somebody….I’m sure my dad has several ;)

  3. Anonymous says:

    120 psi? geez i normally have my tires around 50-55.

  4. admin says:

    You must have a mountain bike then. Road bikes have to have much higher pressure.

  5. admin says:

    Sounds like a definite plan! You can either borrow a bike from someone (haha, I’m sure your father has at least enough parts to make one!), or you can rent one for pretty cheap from any of the bike shops.

  6. kledus says:

    “have to have”—reason #9320834957203 English is stupid.

  7. admin says:

    LOL. David – 1, English – 0

  8. kledus says:

    Amen….you should post in Latin from now on.

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