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Accusations everywhere!

Today I got my dreaded exam back that I took several weeks ago. When I went up to the professor to get it, he first asked who I was. I said Heather. Then he accused me of “keeping a low profile.” He actually followed that up by saying “You haven’t been coming to class, have you?” I looked at him sort of dumbfounded because, 1) who cares if I do or do not come to class? We are graduate students, not a bunch of kindergartners! and 2) I have been coming to every class! That last exam raped me so bad, there’s no way I would miss any class unless I had to. So I responded “No, actually I have been coming to class.” And he said “Really?” in a totally non-believing way. Then Alex, the guy who sits behind me and offers me gum every single day (a different variety each time too! He really goes through gum!), stepped up for me and said “I can vouch for her, she’s been here everyday, except for being late today.” Good thing there are guys like him with crushes on girls like me.

So apparently my being late today struck a chord with my anal professor, who up to this point has NOT EVEN NOTICED ME in class. So then he said, well, be here at 3:40 on Tuesday, right? GOSH. Anyone who knows me, knows that my being late to ONE class is not out of the ordinary. I don’t even think I was on time to one class a week in Raleigh. I am really tired of this class. I don’t even have to take it, it’s totally unnecessary, I just thought it sounded like an interesting elective, and the professor is totally uptight and micro-managing. 

I got an 87.8 by the way. WHEW. Huge sigh of relief.

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