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I just signed up to do a clinical trial with Arizona Research Center for my fibromyalgia. It’s a 22-week long study with 12 office visits. I’ll find out the specifica at my first visit on Monday. For now, all I know is that I can’t take any medication other than what they give me, I can’t get pregnant (oh no!), and I can’t have alcohol (wow, that is a long time without any alcohol. Should make for some interesting happy hours and tailgating).

I’m actually pretty excited about this. First off, I get focused medical attention geared specifically toward my condition for a long period of time. Second, I could possibly get medication to relieve some of my pain and possibly help with my recurring insomnia. Third, I could possibly build a connection with these guys and get in on future trials/studies. Fourth, I’m helping the fibromyalgia community by researching alternative therapy!  Ya! Oh yeah, fifth, I get reimbursed at least for my gas, so essentially it’s free to me. The only thing I have to worry about is possible side effects any drugs might have.

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