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So as of Monday, I started the baseline period of the clinical trial. They gave me a PDA to log my general pain and fatigue levels three times a day everyday. They monitor it for one week without medication, and then introduce the medication and see if anything changes.

Well, there is one thing that will get me kicked out of the program. Not being able to transmit the daily journals. And guess what? Yep, I can’t transmit them.

The dumb thing requires a land line, because it uses a dial-up modem. And since I don’t have a home telephone, I thought I could just use my work phone. But since everything is high-speed here, they don’t use regular telephone jacks and I’m basically SOL!!! I have one friend who has a home telephone line, but I can’t be trekking over there everyday just to upload these things.

So, after several days of trying to find a place that I can easily upload these things, I have deduced that it’s just not going to happen. Maybe I’ll find another clinical trial that relies on more up to date technology! 


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  1. kledus says:

    lame. hope u find something else.

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