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Car jacking

So I was supposed to leave for a backpacking trip to Sedona an hour ago. Instead I had to file a report with a policeman who found my car broken into this morning. The **&%#$s had trouble stealing it, so they stole my neighbor’s truck instead. They jacked up my column trying to steal it….and they bent my door frame a little. Apparently they didn’t know how to drive a standard so they moved on to the next truck (funny how they chose mine over my roomate’s nice shiny new Honda right next to it!)

5 Responses to “Car jacking”

  1. kledus says:

    Bastards. Hondas are harder to steal.

  2. dkem says:

    But David they are more efficient and smaller to steal!
    Sorry about your car Heather.

  3. kledus says:

    That is true. Were you to have pockets large enough you could get away with many a honda I’m sure.

  4. admin says:

    Yeah, and Hondas are also the #1 most stolen car…easiest to distribute in the black market? Anyhow, they were looking for large vehicles to transport people, probably. Just my luck.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, sweetie! You better start using a steering column lock thingy, whatever those are!You have weird “luck” in this department, but thank God they didn’t succeed! Love you! Mom

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