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I begin school this week (classes start tomorrow), and I figured I’d sign up for a language class. I’ve always wanted to learn another language. I just never had time as an undergrad to fit a 5-day-a-week class in my already jam-packed engineering schedule. And I lost interest in Spanish since I seriously cannot roll my R’s and I’d rather not learn a language that I have no chance of sounding fluent in. So does anyone have any suggestions? If I had been required to take a language class as an undergrad, I’m almost sure I would have chosen Japanese. Partly from the influence of my friend Mako, partly because I just thought the whole Japanese culture was cool. I mean, what’s not to like about a country that eats sushi? YUM.

Now, I’m not so sure. I don’t know what language to learn. I just know that I WANT to learn one. Or two or three. Of course anyone from AZ will tell you to learn Spanish. Already nixed that. Anyone looking at it from a business sense will tell you to take Chinese, since they are apparently going to take over the world. But chinese is so hard, there are so many dialects, and each character means like five different things. I always regretted not learning Latin early on. I think it would have been so beneficial in my studies. And to score a higher score in my verbal SATs. :P Plus I’d just enjoy knowing the roots to everything. And it would be a good starting point for many other languages. So then, I think, it’s not too late to learn, right? Only downfall is that it’s a dead language. Not like many people speak Latin nowadays…I think of the European languages, I’m most attracted to French. Don’t know why, it just sounds cool…and the sounds are made more in the back of the throat, so I’d be more likely to be able to speak it despite my defunct tongue. I just don’t know how useful it would ever be? How many times would I be going to France?

Okay, those are my thoughts. Oh ya, I forgot one other. I would probably take American Sign Language without so much as a second thought about it, but all the classes are booked up, and it’s extremely difficult to get into them at ASU. I learned a little bit in third or fourth grade in my gifted class, and I remember really enjoying it.

I went online and took a couple of random quizzes, and I got two different results.

The first one:

You Should Learn Japanese

You’re cutting edge, and you are ready to delve into wacky Japanese culture.
From Engrish to eating contests, you’re born to be a crazy gaijin. Saiko!

The second one:

You scored as Latin. You should learn Latin! Though a dead language, Latin is
present in science, history, English, and, of course, the Romance languages.
Have fun with those declensions!


What language should you learn?
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3 Responses to “What language should I learn?”

  1. kledus says:

    I think it depends on your motivation for learning the language. Do you want to use it to further your career? If so, pick whatever language is prominent besides english in your field. For example, for me that would be french. But I hate french. If you’re looking for something to broaden your horizons/enhance your understanding of other cultures I would go with something asian if you’re interested in world history since they’ve been around so long and documented their history so well for so long. Otherwise, pick a language you enjoy hearing. pick a language that your favorite author wrote in…or poetry…or whatever. Let me know what you choose. If you pick German we can practice!

  2. admin says:

    I definitely will never be learning German (hence it wasn’t even mentioned in my post!). Those are all great considerations though…and to tell you the truth, I am motivated by several factors. Including driving my career. However, I don’t even know what career I may end up in, so that’s difficult to know the best language to learn. I think I like Latin, because it’s helpful in the science and medical fields, which is what I’m leaning towards. Plus it would just be really really cool to be able to read Cicero in Latin. More than likely I will be staying in the States though, so whichever language I choose will be for pure self fulfillment (not a bad thing, I might add).

    Why do you hate french? I think it sounds cool. Not considered a romantic language, but they’re overrated. And they require rolling R’s.

    Oh yeah, I briefly considered Italian on the off chance that I might meet some Italian aristocrat who would sweep me off my feet and take me to a villa in Southern Italy where I can open my own little cafe or bakery and produce little Italian speaking rugrats. :)

  3. kledus says:

    the only reason I’m doing german is b/c it’s important to classical music and I like it more than italian. I dislike France/french because it has always rubbed me wrong. The people I’ve met that are french for the most part seem very filled with ego and often have the attitude that I, as a stupid american, should not even attempt to speak their great language because I’ll only butcher it. Just some bad experiences I guess.

    Yeah, I think you’d better learn an asian language if you’re thinking about doing it for the future hubby ;) SO far I haven’t been impressed with your track record of italian guys.

    Good luck with Latin. i think my sister might have the Pimsler latin thing if you’re interested. She took a few years of Latin.

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