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Very perturbed at myself

I am about to run to Lowe’s. Why am I running to Lowe’s you ask? Because a) I need the exercise; b) my bike has a flat and I have yet to pick up spare tires; and c) I locked myself out of the house for yet another 5 hours today. Enough of that bull crap. It is definitely time to have a spare house key made.

On a more positive note, I spent a good 3 hours reading in Barnes and Noble about 1980’s collector barbies (talk about going down memory lane — I owned several of them at one time) and an entire book by Jenny McCarthy called ‘Baby Laughs.’ Jenny is actually very funny. And quite candid. Now I’ll be prepared for baby poop, circumcisions, hemorrhoids, pancake boobs and a cottage cheese butt. It’s a good thing there’s an air-conditioned bookstore within walking distance.

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  1. dkem says:


    5 hours locked out??? That’s no fun. Put the spare key in a safe place, i.e. not in the lock :)

    McCarthy is surprisingly funny. She has a column for FHM that is always entertaining.

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