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Looks like I will be completely changing my schedule, per my advisor’s suggestion. He thinks I don’t need to take his course (the molecular diagnostics one) since I will be learning it on my own in the lab…but it sounded so cool! With field trips to the Mayo Clinic and TGen. Ah well…He’s right, I’ll be doing that all on my own anyway.

I am completely happy with my Latin class. I already enjoy it…I enjoy finding the similarities between all the other languages (well, two) that I know, I enjoy pronouncing the new words, I enjoy the teacher, I enjoy not having any homework. I enjoy the fact that even though I can’t trill my R’s, my teacher can’t either, and it doesn’t really matter since we will never converse in the language anyways! I also enjoy becoming a geek even more. For example, did you know, that the proper way to pronounce Julius Caesar would be “Yoo-lius Kai-sahr.” NOT see-zer. Apparently we English speakers completely mucked it up. It makes sense, though, since the word Kaiser is the german word for emperor, derived from the Roman title Caesar. It also sheds some light on the character ‘Keiser Sose’ in one of my favorite films, Unusual Suspects.

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