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Here’s my list of classes:

Principles of Biosensors
Molecular Diagnostic Devices (my FIRST EEE course ever!)
Elementary Latin
Chem. Eng. Seminar

I’m not taking any core courses this semester, since I have taken both graduate thermodynamics and math already. I just have to have the credits transferred from NCSU to ASU…which requires MORE paperwork. Sigh. But I am taking fun courses related to my research, so that will be a nice change.

I still have to figure out where I can store my bike (in my office would be ideal) so that it doesn’t get stolen…and so I can ride to work rather than pay $500 for a parking pass. And of course save on gas. And help the environment.

On an entirely different note, I signed up for boot camp at my gym starting Sept 1. Which means I will be getting my butt kicked every morning at 6 am. I’m actually excited about this!

8 Responses to “My first day back to school”

  1. kledus says:

    take weekly pictures of your butt so we can see the bruises progress.

  2. admin says:

    Haha, I might offend some people that way. Might have to make that for private viewing only ;)

  3. dkem says:

    It makes me feel better that on the day I turn 26 you’ll begin getting your ass kicked. That sounds funny.

  4. stardo says:

    1. i hate ee. good luck with that.
    2. that’s a lot of classes.
    3. latin? bleh. on the upside my brother-in-law learned latin as a kid and is a genius (as a consequence of knowing latin? or because he was able to learn latin?) on the downside a friend of mine still hasn’t graduated because of his inability to pass latin. yay-go-dead-languages!
    4. “you could stand to lose weight.” that is the sum of what my relatives told me when i went home for vacation. makes me feel just great. yay-go-boot-camp.

  5. admin says:

    1. I may not be taking that class anymore, and taking a horribly boring etching and deposition course instead.
    2. Yeah, it is a lot, but as I said, none of them are core; meaning none have homework. Just papers and presentations.
    3. I figure if I don’t like it after one semester, I can try something else…and it’s not like my graduation will ever depend on it.
    4. Nice relatives.

  6. admin says:

    If you want that can be your birthday present. :) :) I’ll send little cartoon sketches and everything.

  7. recursio says:

    free bus pass

    Looks like you will be busy this semester. Did you know that you get a free unlimited bus pass for being an asu student. They are giving them away at the same office that they sell the parking stickers.

  8. admin says:

    Re: free bus pass

    I actually did know this…I saw it in those student coupon handouts. I was considering getting one just in case it rains one day or something. But I live too far away from ASU to make riding the bus (who knows how many different routes I would have to take) really feasible or time efficient. Thanks though.

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