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Craigslist rocks.

Where else can I sell a pair of shoes and turn around and buy a desk for $5 less than I sold the shoes?  My weeks of obsessively checking craigslist for cheap desks have come to a successful end. I now have two desks sitting in the living room that I have to somehow get into my study room. Right now I have the door hanging on its last hinge as I try and hammer the little pin out. Then I’ll have to wait for the roomates to help me try and wedge the desk through the doorway.  One of the desks is smaller, and considerably lighter than the other so it should be no problem. The metal office desk, on the other hand,  weighs a ton. It’s fat and sturdy.  And by sturdy I mean it can stop an elephant dead in its tracks…Eric put it best when he said, “Are you preparing to hide out for the cold war under this thing?!?!”

It sure is helpful to have wonderful strong friends with big trucks.  :) :)

I also scored a LoveSac last night from the same guy. I’ve been wanting a LoveSac for years now…ever since I sat on one at a Super Bowl party and felt the love. Oh man, if you don’t know what a LoveSac is, you’re missing out….it’s the cushiest most comfortable piece of furniture ever. It’s basically a giant oversized bean bag. With shredded DuraFoam instead of beans. SO COMFY. They come in different sizes…the one I got is the SuperSac, so it’s 6′ around, which means it can hold 3-4 people easily!  it literally took up every square inch of my explorer last night. When I looked in my rear view mirror, all I saw was billows of lumpy beige fabric.  Normally they are ridiculously expensive in the stores (upwards of 500-600 bucks). Anyways, I got the LoveSac (minus the cover) for a steal, and now I’m hunting on Ebay for a cheap cover. The covers alone retail for $50 a foot (so $300 for the entire cover). I’d really like a microsuede cover in a neutral color (though bright red velvet might be fun :P) But I can wait for a good deal :)

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out Mark feeling the love…..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Feeling the love!

    Hey :)

    Thanks for all the kind words! Im really happy to hear that you are enjoying the SuperSac :) Did you ever get around to getting a cover for it??? The prices went down a bit, thought you should know. Just looking out for ya :)

    I hope everything is well with you. haha, It seems that you have quite the skill in bargain finding. I would have never thought you could get a whole desk for a pair of shoes!!! I learn something new everyday :)

    Shawn Nelson

  2. admin says:

    Re: Feeling the love!

    Ah, yes, I did finally get a cover. I went to the local store (in AZ Mills) and picked one up during the Labor Day sale for 20% off. It was actually cheaper than buying one on Ebay, believe it or not. Plus I was able to pick the color and fabric I wanted — tan microfiber.

    Thanks for commenting on my site! The love sac is great! It’s the most multifunctional piece of furniture I could own :)

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