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Congratulations David!

I am SO excited for you! Everyone congratulate David…he just got the army field band gig! No more school, no more 5 jobs! He’s going to be making more money than me for the first time ever ;) Haha, and, even better, I get to visit him next summer in Baltimore (a side trip to D.C. would be fantastic) :)

You’re awesome. I actually squealed for you when I found out.

Do you actually have to go through the same boot camp as everyone else?

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  1. kledus says:

    Thanks! I do have to go through basic training (boot camp is marines only…duh!) but it’s a bit more gentle b/c I’ll outrank the drill sgt. the day I get there. I’m very excited but also very scared, this will be a real full time job playing saxophone….what could be better!?

    visitors will be welcome beginning in April or May of next year. Basic in Jan-March, then touring until april or so. not sure but will keep potential guests posted.

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