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Black Magic Cake

My first attempt at creating a tiered cake entirely from scratch! It turned out pretty darn good looking if you ask me. I made it for Mark’s Birthday Party tomorrow. It’s a Black Magic Cake (Chocolate/Espresso Cake) with Cinnamon Espresso Frosting.  We’ll see how it tastes…

Yesterday (his actual birthday) we went to Joe’s BBQ for lunch where he scored a free BBQ sandwich and huge slab of lemon cake. Then for dinner we went out with a bunch of friends to sushi at Sakana…and after that we went and watched the finale for So You Think You Can Dance at Bill’s house on a HUGE screen in HDTV. (I still am in shock that Benji won…I like the guy enough, but I was pulling for Travis…technically he’s the best dancer!) And then we went home and watched Mark’s free movie rental (V for Vendetta). We actually would have gotten paid $1 to watch the movie…but I sort of fell asleep at the end, so I have to finish watching it tonight. How would we have gotten paid you ask? Well, you get a free movie on your b-day at Hollywood Video. Plus they credit $1 to your account if it’s a new release and you return it by 6pm the next day.

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