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Here’s a study that makes sense. Apparently women who put on extra pounds raise their risk of getting frequent heartburn or making symptoms worse — even if they aren’t overweight. I never had heartburn or acid reflux problems until last year, when my scale (and all my other lovely health problems) went haywire.


Just last week I had heartburn that lasted two days! Of course it was my fault for going anywhere near Mexican food…but still, that was downright painful.

I’d resolve to lose some extra pounds, but I’ve made this resolution so many times that it wouldn’t mean anything if I said it. My weight seems to be very much out of my control at the moment. I’m supposing that the day I get everything else under control (Oh Lord, please let this be a when, not an if!), my weight might be more manageable. Everything that I can think of (doing yoga again, getting a personal trainer, etc) costs $$ that I definitely can’t afford right now. So I’ll stick to my gym and eating healthy. I’m on week 2 of trying the Reliv shakes that Grandpa & cousin Shirley advocate so much…I stuck it out the first week even though it gave me HORRENDOUS gas, constantly, around the clock. We’re talking serious SBDs here. Ugh. Poor hiking partners. The shakes are expensive, and I figured I needed to try it out for at least a month to see if it really does anything…so we’ll see.

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