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Off to Zion!

After work today, we leave on our next adventure to Zion National Park, Utah. There will be 7 of us: Me, Jenn (friend from work), Jenn’s sister Heather & Heather’s boyfriend Christian (both visiting from MI), Terry (hiking buddy originally from myspace), Mark (with freshly buzzed head, hunka hunka), and last-minute addition, Fredrik (some random Swedish guy that Jenn picked up in a bar in San Diego a few weeks ago). I am so pumped! I began planning this trip back in February, and after much anticipation and purchasing of necessary backpacking equipment, it is finally here! I am already tired from staying up way too late last night packing. Stay tuned for the account (& pictures) of our fabulous adventures.

This will be a trip of two long overdo firsts for me: 1)First time backpacking. 2) First time sightseeing/hiking/camping in Utah.

And Hannah, since I won’t see you before then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hugs & kisses from your big sis.

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