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Ode to Brooks

Hey Brooks, this one’s for you….I thought it was quite apropos, considering our fun conversation regarding creamers this weekend…I laughed when I saw it in my inbox this morning.

The most popular non-dairy powder by far is Coffee-mate, which
also was the first product of its kind. Coffee-mate can call itself
a non-dairy “creamer” because it contains a small amount of
sodium caseinate, which is milk protein. Some non-dairy powders
don’t even have that and have to call themselves “non-dairy
whiteners.” Yuck. Well, if it’s not cream and it’s not a dairy product,
then what is it? Vegetable oil and corn syrup; that is, powdered
vegetable oil and powdered corn syrup with artificial flavor and a
coloring agent, annatto, added so that it doesn’t look and taste
like what it really is: fat and sugar. It’s colored, flavored powder.
It’s just a whitener! It has more calories than milk and more fat
than cream. And because it has milk protein, it doesn’t offer any
advantage for people with milk allergies. Why are we buying it?
Why does it even exist?

Vince Staten, from “Can You Trust a Tomato in January?”

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