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Losing is for wieners

I have been reminded why I love/hate playing board games. As in I love playing them, but I hate to lose :P Mark has taught me how to play a game called Settlers, and between my initiation at ‘Board Game Night’ (ya, I know, how dorky can a bunch of Intel engineers be?), and the multiple games played with my mom into the wee hours of Easter morning, I have picked up the rules/strategy enough to hold my own. So yesterday, I set myself up in what should have been the ideal location for taking over the board with settlements galore, and yet, guess who comes from nowhere and wins?? Mr. Mark. Arg. I was SO frustrated, because I SO should have won, and yet I didn’t. I wanted to hit someone repeatedly with a pillow. Either that, or play again until I won. Heh.

In other news, I saw another gila monster on Saturday! Can you believe it? That’s two weeks in a row! This one was up near the Globe area; we were hiking on some jeep trails near Madera Peak. It was already retreating into the bushes by the time I saw it, so I didn’t get a pic. But this one was a bit larger than the last, and it was yellow spotted instead of pink. It was also a bit more aggressive looking. Kind of scary in fact. Put in a good 14 miles and burned the backs of my calves to a crisp. Everytime I go out hiking with the girls, I am reminded of what I need (well, I guess I don’t NEED, persay) to add to my hiking collection.

Here’s my list of much-desired hiking-related items:

1) GPS –> After using Donna’s, I want one sooooo bad. Especially with all the off-trail hiking we do!
2) New much wider-brimmed hat
3) Snake bite kit (hmmm, just in case)
4) Forest Service map of Arizona
5) New non-synthetic pants/shorts that dont cause my skin to break out in a horrible rash
6) Hahahaha, and now for the least realistic one of all. A digital SLR camera :)

10 Responses to “Losing is for wieners”

  1. markkaili says:


    Face it, you got whupped.

  2. admin says:

    Re: Haha

    If being whupped is equivalent to creating the most beautiful road that the game of Settlers has ever seen, then yes I got whupped :P Turkey butt. Go have fun with all your sheep.

  3. dkem says:

    My experience…

    with Heather is if she’s winning, it’s good for nobody, and if she’s losing, that’s also good for nobody. So my recommendation, try to beat her, no, DEMOLISH her!!!

  4. kledus says:

    Re: My experience…


  5. kledus says:

    Is this the settlers of cattan or whatever? The thing witht he fleece, wood, brick and all that…..if so that game is indeed fun….and addictive…..and i’m the champ

  6. admin says:

    Yup, that’s the one. Those Germans know how to make a board game.

  7. admin says:

    Re: My experience…

    Blarg. You guys are just jealous of my supreme skills in all things competitive. Muahahahaha!

  8. dkem says:

    I’m going say I tried playing this game (also with a bunch of engineers) and thought it was awful. You all can have it!

  9. admin says:

    You obviously didn’t play it with the right engineers! :) But then again, it doesnt have sport trivia questions to help you destroy everyone else…

  10. dkem says:

    Fo shizzle! Sports = Dave good. Not sports = Dave not so good

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