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Yay for April

So April is looking like a good month so far. In one week, I get to see my old college roomate, and fellow Rob Thomas lover, JoAnn, for the first time in (wow, I can’t believe this!!) a little over three years! Not only that, but I get to see her and Josh get married! I’m so excited. They make the cutest couple. Now I just have to find a dress to wear. D’oh.

And V will be visiting the last weekend in April! Woot! Someone in Raleigh loves me enough to come see me :) :) Looks like a trip to the Grand Canyon is in order. I’m having difficulty deciding what to do. There’s way too much to see in AZ. And I only have two days to plan for. Sigh. Camping trip to the Grand Canyon? Sedona trip? Any of the other gorgeous hikes in Phx? Camelback? Angel Sweet! I think he should make a separate trip out just to eat all the yummy delicious food.

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