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Sedona in Snow

Here are some pictures taken a couple weekends ago, when we went up to Sedona to appreciate the fleeting snowstorm. Don’t the red rocks look gorgeous blanketed in snow? I’ll add a couple more later, but these are the best from Mark’s collection. He has a digital SLR (Canon Rebel XT), and let’s just say he’s made me feel a bit inadequate in the picture-taking department. Before I met him, I was more than satisfied with my point and shoot camera and (granted, meager) photography skills. Now my head is swimming from all the new knowledge (composition, lighting, aperture, shutter speed, film speed, f-stop, oh my!), and I want to upgrade to an SLR! Grrr.

On the Bell Rock trail:
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Oak Creek in snow:
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Heather in snow:
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Red Rock Crossing:
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3 Responses to “Sedona in Snow”

  1. kledus says:

    beautiful. I’ll take your digital camera….I need a small one to take to Europe w/me

  2. admin says:

    Sure, if you pay for my plane ticket to come with you :P

  3. dkem says:

    Hey, I want a camera and a trip to Europe!! I offer nothing in return.

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