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I’m in love

Man, oh man, I’m totally pumped. I’m in love with my new gym (Lifetime Fitness). I just enrolled officially on Monday, because I found out they had an end of month special (that ended the 31st) – an extra 20% off the enrollment fee, and a gift card to be used in their spa, café, personal training, or whatever. So I went in to sign up, and get this — Intel employees always get 20% off, so I got 40% off the enrollment fee (100-$40 = $60), which is cheaper than any other gym I’ve been checking out, PLUS, the gift card is for $50!!! So that basically means I spent $10 to enroll. And it’s a month to month membership, so I can quit anytime. The only thing is, the monthly fee is a bit more expensive than other gyms. But I figure, that’s $2 a day, and if I use it everyday, it’s totally worth it — the pool alone is saving me $1.50/day, which is what I was paying to do laps at the local high school. And they have just the most gorgeous facilities, all the exercise equipment you could possibly want, both an indoor and outdoor pool, and the locker rooms are beautiful. I’ve been going in the mornings, and it’s nicer getting ready there then at my own home! They provide all this stuff…like hair dryers at every station, which really make a difference and keeps me from lugging things back and forth. So if anyone ever wants a guest pass to come check the gym out, let me know, K? There’s a ton of things we could do – cardio, weight, pool, racquetball, tennis, squash, ROCK CLIMBING, whatever, all inclusive in my membership. Oh yeah, and they have wireless internet in their café in case anyone wants to do work after your workout :P

Whew! Can you tell I’m excited? It’s the size of a small shopping mall, and so bright and airy and resort-like, that I actually get excited to exercise when I walk in. Totally weird concept.

AND, the best thing about working out in the mornings is that I get to parade around in my underwear while I get ready!! Something I definitely can’t do in a house with two boys :P :P

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  1. kledus says:

    why can’t you do that in a house w/2 boys again?

  2. dkem says:


    David and I will be the two boys to try it on…1 and 2.

  3. kledus says:

    Re: Ya


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