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David the matchmaker

I couldn’t resist posting this, as proof of David’s wonderful matchmaking skills (he sent an email to both of us, with the following fictitious conversation). Now if only he could pull this little stunt with a super-hot guy from Intel, I would be all set!!

So I wanted to introduce the two of you. When I found out you were both at the same Intel campus, I figured, “hey, I can introduce these gals and they can become friends!” I will be nice and get the ball rolling for you two…

Heather: It’s nice to meet you Leslie.
Leslie: Nice to meet you Heather. What do you like to do?
Heather: I go hiking a lot with friends from work and just like it in general.
Leslie: I love hiking! Like every weekend! Do you like to shop?
Heather: Holy cow I love shopping! I can shop with the best of them.
Leslie: F’N sweet…How do you know Dave? I am in the group starting the SCM Alumni Chapter with him at ASU.
Heather: I’ve known Dave since our sophomore year of college.
Leslie: Dave’s cool isn’t he?
Heather: The coolest…

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