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So when I was in maybe fourth grade, I wrote about a princess with big feet. And I think she had to do all these wacky things in order to get three wishes so she could get smaller feet (and probably have more of a likelihood of meeting her Prince Charming). Or something to that effect. My mom probably remembers better than me.

ANYHOW, now I can relate with the princess. My black flip flops are hanging by a thread, so I bought a new pair of Reefs today, and guess what size I bought? 11!!!! The 10’s were so stinking small. Pretty soon I will be reduced to the big foot section of the store…you know, where they stop listing individual sizes and just put “11 and up”…how sad.

Hopefully Prince Charming won’t be blinded by the big feet :P

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sweets, Remember it WELL, also still have the original story, if you can believe that!It was the “Princess with the TOO Big Feet “. Just remember, as grandpa always said, it “just means you have a better UNDERSTANDING “,HA,HA,get it? Also, you are a tall girl, so you’d fall over if your feet weren’t big enough to balance you out.Love you !!! Mom

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