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The new roomie

As of the first of February we have a new roomate named Scott. *Huge sigh of relief* I had to explain to Marcus the whole “guys are so much easier to live with” philosophy that I have…and I think that may have made an impression. Besides, this guy offered to pay twice as much rent for one month, since he’s only staying a month and felt like he was inconveniencing Marcus. Inconvenience, my butt. Marcus makes a grand in one month, then can turn around and rent the room out again to someone else.

So I asked Marcus if he mentioned me at all (since I would be the one sharing a bathroom with the guy). And he said, ya, he told him about me, that I like to cook…and that I’m real chatty, which he will see when he moves in.

What? Chatty? ME?

Marcus was joking that he made sure to wait until after Scott signed his check for the deposit to tell him about how “chatty” I was. Ha! Very funny Marcus!

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