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For the second day in a row, my apple has this white waxy residue in little blotches all over the skin (dang, I wish I had a digi camera at the moment). So you figure it’s just the wax that they put on the fruit to preserve them, right? That it shouldn’t be too hazardous if people are actually consuming it? Well, I don’t know how healthy it is, but it burns when it touches my tongue!!

So yeah, I bit into it. Several times actually. This was yesterday, when I was blind and didn’t notice the white spots until my tongue started burning. I then ate several more pieces (for consistency, making sure it wasn’t some fluke reaction with my tongue of course).

Now here’s the interesting part: I had bought 2 apples at the grocery store. Kept them on my counter in a fruit basket. This morning, when I went to grab the second apple, I inspected it, since I didn’t want another chemical tongue peel like yesterday. No spots. We’re good to go. So I washed it, put it in a separate baggy (in case it had been contaminated by my lunch bag the day before) and brought it to work. I pulled it out to snack on it. Looked at it closely, saw that there were no white spots, pulled it out of the bag, and immediately upon contact with the air in the little cubicle space (shares same air space as the lab next to it), it turned white!! Little white blotches appeared before my eyes!! So this is what must have happened to the other one too, since I know I wouldnt buy apples already strangely marked like that.

So I figure the white spots are invisible wax residue that only shows up when it reacts with something in the lab air (which is scary, because it doesnt react at home, and there shouldnt be anything hazardous in the air at work…). The cool thing about working in a chemical lab is that we get to do our own little investigation. Right now, as I type this, the apple skin is being analyzed in the FTIR. Results to be posted later.

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