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So, after the gnarly migraine from hell, I had an extremely pleasant day today! For starters, it was the first time in 4 days that I felt GOOD. Good enough to exercise, at long last. I woke up to find my migraine had dimmed to a dull ache, and I could talk above a whisper without causing thunderclaps to go off in my head. Nothing a handful of extra strength tylenol wouldn’t cure. And then one of my co-workers brought in a huge bag of oranges from her tree. They’re so sweet! So now I have a week’s supply of yummy oranges…though I’m thinking of baking a cake or something with them. And the same co-worker is also allergic to perfumes and soaps, so she gave me all the perfumes she’s received as gifts. And we’re not talking dollar store perfume either! One is Burberry Brit, and the other is Jaguar, and there’s another from Crabtree & Evelyn. And she also gave me some fancy soap and bath crystals from some fancy resort in Sedona. SCORE! Free things rock!

I had my first Tai Chi class today as well. The teacher has been practicing since before I was born! I’m pretty stoked, she’s studied under some pretty well-known masters, so I should be getting my money’s worth anyway. I’m really excited to start learning the movements…though she warned us that it’s a bit like learning to walk, or play the violin…it takes practice to learn the proper form and the entire sequence….so we might be frustrated at first when we’re not progressing as fast as we’d like. But it’s really slow, and relaxing…and I’m so excited to finally be taking the class! Thanks to Godfrey for kicking my butt and telling me to sign up.

That’s not all! I went to go pay for a three-month unlimited package at my yoga studio, and get this, the nice owner says “Oh, starting in February, we’re having a special that if you buy three months unlimited, you get a fourth month free — so I’ll just go ahead and give that to you now.” SCORE AGAIN! I got a free month of yoga! That saves me a bundle.

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  1. Bingo,

    There you are on your way to be H3(Happy Healthy Heather) not just H(Heather) :D

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