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Next time…

Tonight we went to a pretty good, swanky little Chinese restaurant (with the waiter doing the whole flare the napkin before laying it across your lap type thing) down on Steuart Street, near Pier 1. Called Shanghai 1930. Decent food, I would highly recommend the chicken and melon soup cooked in bamboo — the broth was very rich, and the chicken was very tender and juicy. And I would order the Dragon-something shrimp again…shrimp cooked in a delicate tealeaf sauce, with a vinegar dipping sauce. But there were also many other seafood dishes and appetizers that looked interesting. I was also considering a squab dish — but since I’d already ordered one exotic bird this week, I figured I’d play it safe today.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, it leads me to the conversation we had with our waiter. We were talking to him about caviar, and apparently there is a caviar restaurant worth checking out in the Ferry Building. I forget the name — but I’m pretty sure there is only one U-shaped restaurant in the Ferry Building that serves only farm-raised caviar. Apparently you can get sampler platters with all different types of caviar and whatnot. Sounds appealing. And expensive.

Now this brings me to my next logical thought. The list of stuff worth seeing or doing the next time I’m in SF. Including this interesting little caviar establishment. I wouldn’t mind getting some shots of the Golden Gate bridge from the viewpoints, maybe walk across it on foot…also, some sunset or night shots would be sweet. I’d like to check out the Golden Gate park, and maybe some of the other parks in the area. I would definitely like to see the Painted Ladies on McAllister, take some postcard-worthy photographs of the victorian architecture that San Francisco is famous for. And shop at Macy’s!!!! I could spend an entire day shopping at Union Square alone. Maybe I should just stay in a hotel there so I can walk? I’d like to experience the night life — maybe stay with someone in the area who’s “in the know” of local hangouts. (Which means I’d have to visit my Berkeley friends). And numero uno on my list of things to do in SF — someday when I have the BIG money, I’d like to go to French Laundry. The most highly acclaimed restaurant in the States. That’s all. :) :)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If everything pans out for us, Tim and I are hopeful to go to French Laundry (we are thinking of cancelling cable and other unecssary things, to save extra money, and make this happen sometime before summer)! If we do end up going to SF, I’ll let you know.

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