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New year, new diet

Today was the second official day of my new “diet”. So in addition to all the other things I normally can’t eat (dairy, pork, most red meat, caffeine, fatty greasy fried foods, processed junk, etc), I am now avoiding all gluten products (bread, rice, pasta, etc) and anything with refined sugar. Basically an insulin-resistance diet. Wish me luck!

PS — I have already found that it’s more effective to ward off someone’s food offerings with a simple “no, I’m on a diet” and let them think it’s for weight loss, than explain with a “no, I can’t, it makes my stomach hurt” or “no, it will give me a major headache” or even better yet, “no, it will trigger my IBS (huh?!?)”. For some reason people are more understanding of weight loss than mind/gut health. Of course, I’d like both, but right now I just want these criminy headaches to stop! And above all, I want to feel like my peppy, healthy self again!

2 Responses to “New year, new diet”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OH MY! No RICE!!! Good luck Sweetie, but if you’re feeling good already, it must be working, eh? Love ya, Mom

  2. admin says:

    I know, it’s very VERY hard. Especially the no chocolate or any of my own baked goods thing. Oh well, like you said, I’m already noticing the results. Which means I should have done it alot sooner!

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