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Indianapolis here I come

So I booked my ticket to Indianapolis tonight for Feb 23-27. For those of you who don’t yet know about it, most airlines are having this super fabulous winter flight deal for flights flown before the end of Feb. (or later, depending on what days you’re able to fly on) Check it out at travelocity. And book your flight to Phx now!!! I want visitors!!!

So ya, I couldn’t pass up a ticket for only $107 round trip. That’s just so ridiculously cheap. And I’ve been saying I should visit my godson (I guess that’s the name for it anyways) for quite some time now. Plus now David is there too, so I get to see my two best friends from high school all in one shot! Amazingly good times at Camp Verde High. Not really.

David, you better find something cool to do in Bloomington. And it better not involve hanging out at Denny’s.

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