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I just had yet another incredibly stupid blonde moment. More like a “where is your head, Heather” moment.

I was walking away from my car in the parking lot this morning, and I had gotten about 20 feet away when a guy pulls into the spot beside mine and honks “HONK, HONKITY, HONK.” I’m the only person around that area, so I turn to look, and he points at my car. So I go back, look where he’s pointing, and sure enough, I had locked my car door and left the keys hanging in the lock. With a big NC State red lanyard hanging from it. Saying “Take my car, please, I’ll make it easy for you.”

Sigh. I need someone to follow behind me at all times, for my own safety. Seriously.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So why didn’t you ask that nice gentleman who pointed out your keys hanging from your car door if he needed a full time job as your caretaker? Love ya, blondie. Mom

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