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It’s not worth your investment. Hannah and I spent our last night in this luxurious hotel chatting (oh boy, did I enjoy getting updated on her soap opera college life), and watching a movie. Only at first we couldn’t decide on a movie, since she’s seen every last one of them. I mean, I could have seen the Penguin movie, or In Her Shoes, or the newest Batman flick which I hear was great. But nope, seen ‘em all. And the oscar-nominated one, North Country, didn’t look like it could hold her attention. So Prime it was. The directing was awful, the transitions were choppy, and the scenes were very nonsensical and poorly acted at times. And of course, the ending. It’s not a cheery happy ending movie, but rather, I watched this entire thing and the two don’t even end up together? GRRRRRR. I hate those kind. Either it has to be a depressing, but good, realistic, teach you a life lesson sort of movie, or a sappy, make you feel warm and fuzzy love story. None of this romantic comedy with bad ending stuff. Puhlease. Also, what is up with the title? I have yet to understand why it was even called Prime.

There was a tragically overdone scene in this movie that makes me want to take a poll. How many guys in real life spend an insane amount of time working up the nerve to call up a girl, then dial her number, she answers, they freak out at the last minute, and hang up (or better yet, pretend to be someone else)? Do guys really wuss out like that? And are they such insecure children in the first place?

Also, it really sucks being in a city with extremely well dressed, hunkalicious men that are all off-limits. Why do all the good looking guys have to be gay?!? We saw a license plate that pretty much sums up this city. It said:


Hannah did manage to get wooed by a very heterosexual black guy who told her “you look wicked in those jeans”…haha, yet another black guy swooning over her ghetto booty (and thinking how does a white girl have an ass like that?!?).

We leave tomorrow morning for Phoenix. Good bye San Francisco. Thank you for the beautiful weather. You can go back to being your usual foggy, gloomy, rainy self.

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  1. kledus says:

    “how many guys freak out like that?”

    well sheesh…If I say yes then I’m an insecure child and a wuss! Guess I’ll say no.

    I don’t call girls…they call me ;)

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