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Typhoon Alerts, Oh My

Twitchy eyes. Check. Sore throat. Check. Sneezing. Check. Headache. Check. Darn allergies! Must go home soon to take medicine and prevent a full-blown attack. In case you’re wondering where I’m at while I’m writing all these lovely logs, it’s Tita Rose’s house. (Tita = aunt…heh, I have a Filipino aunt after spending a 14 hour flight across the ocean with her, isn’t that grand?) And she has two computers with high speed internet! Just down the street from where Christianne and I are staying.

Aside from that, I’m doing much better! Yesterday I woke up (after 12+ hours of sleep) feeling refreshingly great! My pounding headache had cleared and I felt like I could actually stomach some solid food. I left the house finally and went to the mall with Christianne, where I pampered myself with a manicure and foot scrub. I broke my 32+ hour fast with some arroz caldo – a chicken rice porridge which tastes just lot like one of my favorite Cambodian comfort foods, b’ baw chicken. Once that proved that it would stay down, I ventured out and tried some sizzling crabmeat and a seafood dish with mussels and scallops at a restaurant that Marla’s dad owns. Since I was feeling so GOOD, I decided to go out with Christianne and her cousins to the “Mill Avenue” of IloIlo, where we caught some live music at a disco club called “MO2”. Originally, the plan was to stay out all night, then go to early morning mass at 4:30 am. But alas, my circadian rhythm is still all screwy and I didn’t last – after about 1am, I started drifting off, doing that annoying head jerk thing, and Christee (Tita Rose’s daughter) offered to take me to the hotel so I could sleep. It’s crazy how I’m on such a different schedule here! I would love to have this problem at home! Forced shut-eye every night instead of boundless energy till the wee hours of the morning!

And yes, there was a typhoon alert here in IloIlo yesterday. Not surprising, since it had been raining nearly nonstop for several days. It was only a level 1, which I was told not to be concerned about. The weather did put a kink in our plans, since we couldn’t travel outside of the city like we had originally planned. And Tara couldn’t come home from university and hang out with us, since the boats weren’t embarking yesterday. Today is bright and sunny though – storm must have cleared?

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