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Sicky Sicky

Well, the inevitable has happened.

I got sick yesterday. REAL sick.

And it wasn’t my standard instantaneous IBS attack that I usually get either. It was excruciating, stomach cramping, complete evacuation from both ends that lasted all evening and throughout the night. So I basically laid in a ball on the bed, running back and forth to the bathroom, downing the Imodium (which only got vomited minutes later) and taking Tylenol for the pain. Yikes. Not fun. Reminds me of the good old days pre-IBS-diagnosis. I did manage to finish watching “Finding Neverland” on Christianne’s compact DVD player. Very good movie! Of course I would expect no less from a Johnny Depp flick.

Okay, most people probably didn’t want to know any of that. *Grin* But this is me, and what do I NOT share?

My IBS has been flaring its ugly head ever since I got here (as I was expecting would happen). It acts up in the US when I eat normal foods, and here I am in a foreign country, eating and drinking who knows what prepared in who knows what kind of conditions. Well, actually, I have been on guard, trying to only eat “safe” things like seafood and chicken in small amounts. But when I first got here, my body hadn’t yet adjusted to the overload in protein or something, because I was bloated like a beached whale, and I was C for four days. Then my IBS did a flip flop, and it felt like everything I ate sent me to the bathrooom in a rush with an instant attack of D. Which is fine, I’m used to that, it wasn’t painful. Yet.

After yesterday’s episode, I’m feeling somewhat better. Weak. Nauseous still. I have been chugging gatorade to stave off dehydration, and I’ve got this sucking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s like bad hunger pains meets a vacuum. I can barely keep rice down at the moment. Looks like I won’t be adventurous and trying balut anytime soon!

On another note, my fibro has been behaving for the most part. I have twinges of shooting pain here and there, and sometimes my hips and lower back ache, more than likely since I’m not getting in my usual yoga exercise. Only on long, bumpy bus rides when every joint in my body screams out in agony do I really notice the fibro monster. I did get a full body massage on Boracay, and the gal managed to pinpoint all my trigger points (in my back, feet, calves, you name it), which felt soooooo good.

Okay, enough with the health issues. On to more descriptions of PI!!

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