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King Kong

Yesterday we saw King Kong and that is the LONGEST movie ever! I was not a fan. It’s weird how they show movies here…instead of having set times for movies to start playing, they just keep showing the movies over and over with short intermissions. So people buy a ticket for a particular movie (which is like $1.50) that is literally good for the whole day, and they enter and start watching at whatever point it happens to be playing at. So we entered about 3/4 of the way through, when they had already captured the beast. Then we had to watch the end, wait through the intermission and watch the beginning! Talk about bass-ackwards! I guess if it was a really good movie you could just sit in the theatre all day and rewatch it as much as you like. But I do not like watching endings and trying to piece things together without any background to go off of. For this movie, it was no big deal since we already knew the basic premise…but what about a movie with a surprise ending, like Sixth Sense? That would totally suck.

On the plane ride over here, I saw a Filipino movie dubbed with English subtitles. It was like a bad V.C. Andrews novel crossed with Sixth Sense. A girl falls in love with her adopted brother, and they decide to marry. Their other brother has also fallen in love with her, and he kills the brother she is to marry out of jealousy. Only she doesnt know he’s dead, and we don’t know he’s dead until the very end of the movie –because apparently she sees and talks with dead people, and we’re always seeing him from her point of view. What the heck?!?! Apparently all Filipino movies involve some complicated love triangle. But brothers and sisters? Aiya.

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