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On Amazon, Wild Planet Wild Albacore Tuna is currently at an all-time low price of $13.16 for a six-pack (or $2.20 per can).  You can get it even cheaper if you sign up for Subscribe & Save, at $12.50 per six-pack (or $2.08 per can).

At first glance, this may not seem like a very good deal, if you’re used to Bumble Bee and Starkist tuna prices.

But this stuff is far superior in taste and texture, and it’s also better for you! It’s all the rage in the paleo world, and for very good reason.  For starters, it’s sustainably caught, using hand lines and “pole and troll” methods.  Because trolling & pole-catching snags smaller fish, they have had less time to accumulate mercury.  As a result, Wild Planet tuna contains less than half the mercury of other leading brands.  The ingredients are simple: 100% pure albacore tuna and sea salt packed in its own natural juices; no water or oil is added. Because it’s packed in its own natural juices, you’re actually advised to not drain the can (and you shouldn’t, so you can retain all those valuable omega 3s!).

According to camelcamelcamel, this is currently at the “best price,” meaning it’s currently at the lowest Amazon price since they began tracking in May 2010. Normally, a six-pack has been running around $20 for a pack of 6 on Amazon (highway robbery!).  I know you can buy this brand at Costco (I don’t have a membership, but from online accounts, it runs around ~$16 per six-pack). Last time I was at Whole Foods, it was $3.99 per can.

I picked up five six-packs myself :)

Bonus: Here’s my favorite paleo recipe with this tuna — Tuna and avocado wraps from Nom Nom Paleo.


I’ve done more shopping at Fry’s the past couple weeks than I normally do.  I couldn’t pass up the Fry’s Mega Sale!  It’s still going on through tomorrow, so I thought I’d post some of the deals I’ve gotten.

Shopping Trip #1 Total: $7.55

We were nearly out of the detergent, and $1.49 is a great stock up price. Funny story with this one — I left my wallet at home, and I didn’t realize it until I had already checked out and used all my coupons. I started to panic, but then I realized I had my checkbook with me. This was probably the first time I’ve ever written a check in a grocery store! I have never forgotten my wallet at home, but sadly, my brain has turned to mush since having a baby, so this is totally par for the course!

Shopping Trip #2: – $0.37

Not sure how this ended up negative, the total was supposed to be zero.  But I accidentally left off one of the soups, so had to go to customer service to get my $5 Mega bonus credited, and I ended up with a negative balance in the end.

Shopping Trip #3: $7.20

We don’t drink Diet Pepsi, but my sister and mom do. So I snatched up the free 2-liters for when they come over. I needed the clarifying shampoo, because my hair has turned into an oil slick thanks to hormones from pregnancy & breastfeeding.  I’ve tried all sorts of things to strip the grease (even my super expensive clarifying shampoo), but nothing worked until I read online to use the Suave clarifying shampoo.  My initial thought was “Really? The cheap stuff?” And it totally worked! The shampoos were on sale for $0.88 each, and Fry’s has an ecoupon right now for $3 off $10 health and beauty items, plus I used this $3 off $10 Suave Hair, Lever 2000 and Degree products. So I got 12 shampoos for $4.56 plus tax.

So I’ve spent $14.38 on all this, which is a great deal for a bunch of stuff I really needed.  One of the highlights was the 19 Wholly Salsas (actually a mixture of guacamole and salsa) that I got for free. Tony has been going through them like water, which I guess is okay since they were free :)

I was going to brag about how I scored fifty holiday cards for only 39¢ a piece on Cyber Monday.

But it turns out, you can get an even better deal today!!

Today only, you can get 29¢ holiday cards at Cardstore.com with the code CCP2229 – and you can have them shipped directly to the recipients for FREE! That saves you the cost of a stamp.

Even better, you can go through Big Crumbs and get 14.1% cash back on your Cardstore.com order! So sending fifty cards would only cost you $14.50 – $2.04 cash back = $12.46 total!!! This is seriously one of the best deals I’ve come across this season.

Even when we got our photo cards free in the past through special promotions, we’ve always had to pay for stamps. If you think about it, fifty stamps at $0.45 each would normally cost $22.50, in addition to whatever you pay for the cards. This year, I only paid $19.65 for 50 cards shipped (which I thought was a fantastic deal at the time):

And I think our cards turned out beautifully.  I actually had a very hard time choosing the final design.  This is one of the ones I was debating over, I liked the clean modern look:

I ended up going with another design so we could include more pictures of Audra. :)

I will say, that it is a bit cumbersome to type in each recipient’s mailing address individually (something you’ll have to do if you want to ship the cards directly and save yourself a stamp).  Luckily, we had all our addresses in a spreadsheet from the wedding, and Tony the computer whiz figured out how to import our addresses from Excel.  Go to “My account” –> “address book” –> “import contacts.”  Then you download their template and copy and paste all your addresses into their template.  Then upload the template.  It was pretty easy, and definitely worth saving the cost of stamps.

Don’t miss out — anyone can afford to send photo cards this cheap!

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts.  For a while I have been in “maintenance” mode — just trying to keep my head afloat among all the diapers, spit-up, and nursing sessions.  Now that I’ve got this mom thing sort of figured out, I have a bit more time and energy to look for good deals again. :) Here are all the things that I’ve done for the past week:

  • I requested my free diaper sample from Costco. In her first two months, Audra went through 613 diapers, an average of 10 diapers a day — that’s a lot of diapers! Every free sample helps :)
  • I’ve been participating in a 12-day Delve Market Research diaper study, so not only do we get free test diapers, but I get paid $170 to use and review them! That will go a long way towards our Christmas shopping.
  • Along the same lines, I’ve been collecting Pampers Gift to Grow points. They’ve been racking up fast! I’m currently at 1197 points. Enter code  SPC125WINTR12PA for 10 free points by Dec 9th.
  • I filled out this Facebook survey for a quick and easy 500 American Airlines miles for both Tony and myself.
  • Tony and I both signed up for this Amazon $5 off $25 promotional credit (Facebook offer). We have to use it before it expires tomorrow, which shouldn’t be too hard, since we do most of our shopping on Amazon these days. What did new moms ever do without Amazon Prime?!?!
  • For all our Amazon purchases, I try to go through the Hawaiian airlines shopping portal. Currently, you can earn 1 Hawaiian frequent flyer mile per $1 on everything you spend on Amazon (this will be changing soon, so take advantage while you can). Right now, you can also get 4% cash back from shopping at Amazon through Ebates and Fatwallet, but only on very limited rotating categories, which I never seem to be purchasing from. For example, right now Ebates is offering 4% cash back on Amazon purchases in handbags, women’s shoes, kids’ clothing, juniors’ clothing, baby clothing, beauty, personal care appliances, MYHABIT, and 3% cash back in the MP3 store.
  • We also both went to Home Depot and purchased $50 Home Depot gift cards for $40, using this Paypal promotion.  Click on this link, save the offer to your PayPal account, set up in-store payment, then go to Home Depot stores to redeem. Offer expires Dec 11th. You can opt to receive a PayPal payment card to be mailed to your home or just use your mobile phone number and a pin when you checkout. It took me all of 2 minutes to checkout using Paypal at the self-serve checkout.  Within 5 minutes, I also received a text message that I had saved $10 off my purchase.
  • I found a mail-in rebate at Safeway yesterday, where you get $20 off your $100 in-store purchase wyb a 9-pack or larger of Miller Lite, MGD, or Miller64.   I found a 12-pack of Miller Lite on sale for $10.99, making the rebate a $9 moneymaker. I went ahead and bought the beer and added a $50 Safeway gift card to my order to reach the $100 spend. Tony appreciates the free beer, so I’ll probably make a few more similar runs.
  • The reason I was at Safeway was to stock up on cheap kombucha. They have the lowest regular price of all grocery stores on GT Kombucha (regular price is $2.99 – the next cheapest is $3.50 at Sprouts).  Right now, it’s on sale for 2 for $5.00. Plus, I had a personalized coupon in my Just for U account for $3 off a $30 purchase.  I usually buy my kombucha while at Sprouts, because I’m a lazy/tired mama and like to do all my shopping at one spot. But by taking advantage of the Safeway sale, I saved $27 on two dozen!! Definitely worth the extra trip.


Hi guys! A lot has happened this year, but first things, first. This sweet little thing has taken over my life:

Her name is Audra Maeve. She was born on September 22, 2012 at 3:28pm, and she was 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long. In just her short two weeks here, she has her daddy wrapped around her finger, and she’s given my life a whole new meaning. I won’t deny that motherhood is TOUGH — especially those first few weeks — but this sweet, sweet girl makes everything worth it. I love her little squeaks, her gorgeous red hair, and her dainty little features. She takes my breath away every single day.

You can see Audra’s first smiles caught on videotape over here.  Her smile at 42 seconds makes my heart melt every single time!

The holiday season always has the best alcohol rebates. While this past month has been particularly busy, I still made a point to hunt down some rebates and stock up on better than free alcohol!!

Here’s our stockpile:

Not pictured is the case of Coors Light that Tony already finished off. ;)

We bought three 18-packs of Coors beer for $14.99 each (along with Fry’s gift cards, which we will just use for future groceries), and will get rebates for $25, making that a $30 moneymaker. Also, thanks to Sheryl for pointing out the Yellowtail Rebate and the 30% off sale at Albertson’s.  I bought 12 bottles of wine for $33.57 after tax and $1 coupons (thanks mom), making them a $2.43 moneymaker after the $36 rebate.

All total, we picked up 36 bottles of  wine ($179.64 value) and 54 bottles of beer ($44.97 value) for better than free!

Wishing You and Yours…

Our Engagement Photos

From the very beginning of our wedding planning, we decided that photography was our #1 priority. We even booked our venue based on the lighting (it has the most awesome natural lighting for photos), and the availability of our photographer. We were originally considering a December wedding, but since our photographer takes off the whole month of December, a December wedding was out. Yep, I’m that serious about my photos ;)

So, as you can imagine, the choice of the actual photographer was pretty important to me. In the end, Tony indulged me and my bridal fantasies and agreed to hire my dream wedding photographer.  I have been following Jasmine Star on my Google Reader for longer than I’ve known Tony. I’ve read every single post, viewed every single wedding and engagement session since I discovered her.  I love her blog, her personality, her down-to-earthness, her amazing portfolio, her photographic style.  Basically, I have a huge girl crush on Jasmine Star.

When we booked our wedding package with Jasmine, it came with an engagement session. We decided to drive out to meet her in Costa Mesa, CA this past weekend since it’s a short 6-7 hour drive from Phoenix. An added bonus — the country’s 3rd largest shopping mall happens to be in Costa Mesa. Score!

Yesterday when I saw a post with our names in the title pop up on my Google Reader it was like Christmas morning!! My heart started pounding and I squealed with delight when I went to open it!

If you are ever in Costa Mesa and want to get all glammed up, I highly recommend Carina at Flawless Faces.  She worked magic on my hair and makeup!!

When Jasmine and I first spoke on the phone, she wanted to know if we had a location in mind. I told her that we weren’t familiar with the area, and that we trusted her professional judgment, so she could choose. And boy am I glad she did! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better setting for our photos. The colors, the backdrops, the fun murals, the cute little travel trailer. It was all eye candy, a photographer’s total dream.

(I can’t wait to blow this one up big on our wall!)

After the shoot, Tony said “Now I know why everyone loves her. She makes people feel like they’re rock stars!” and he’s right, she totally does. She’s so full of positive energy, she could totally be one of those positivity coaches. But she’s not all syrupy and fake or annoying.  She’s 100% genuine throughout the whole process.

My #1 lesson in all this: When you feel like a rock star, you look like a rock star. So rock star it up, people!

Jasmine not only has crazy talent (there’s no denying that she has a way with the camera and an incredible eye for composition), but her real power lies in her ability to  make a couple fall in love all over again in front of the camera. I kid you not, 2 minutes into the shoot I stepped up to Tony and felt this electric charge run up and down my body, like I was a giddy school girl. All that emotion you see in the pics? It was real! I felt like she was there but not there. She spoke and directed us to each new spot, but for the most part she just captured us being ourselves.

Case in point: Tony’s expression in this next picture is JUST SO TONY.  And well, we all know I’m a goofball, so that comes as no surprise…

We both left the session with a little high. The photos are GREAT, but the experience is what sticks out in my head. I can only imagine how the wedding day will be!!

The best part? Jasmine gave me the gift of calm. I wish I had met her earlier on in the wedding planning process, because now that I know a true professional will be handling my wedding photos (and the general flow of the day), I don’t have to worry at all. She’ll be there, no matter what happens the pictures will be great, and really, why stress out about the details?

Thank you Jasmine, for putting a silly bridal brain at ease. And giving me my diva moment for the day. <3, Heather

Note: My blog’s narrow column width does NOT do these photos justice. (I need to update the bloggity with a new theme. The width is driving me craaaazy!) You can head over to Jasmine’s blog and see her post with full size photos over here and a slideshow of even more pictures over here.

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